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Ed Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award

From the early days of porn, few have seen the business the way veteran industry Director Ed Hunter has. From the dense jungles of Thailand to the topless beaches of Brazil, Ed has been on a 1 man international crusade to bring the hottest, most ethnic, niche and never seen before performers to video. Under exclusive contract with TWM and also a partner for 15 years now, Ed continues a hurried pace lifestyle; jetting between continents and meeting more Shemales and Females than any other person in the adult industry.



TWM Streets Direct Japanese Imports – Lesbian Milfs #9

Chatsworth, CA – TWM has streeted the seventh DVD / VOD release from Direct Japanese Imports, Lesbian Milfs #9.

“This is our second new release that is all Lesbian. Young Wives Lesbo Club streeted a few weeks ago and many of our distributors placed re-orders to ship with Lesbian Milfs #9. Just because these sexy Japanese women are mothers, it doesn’t mean they don’t crave each other. Although rarely seen in Japan, Japanese milf’s can be lesbians too!” said TWM sales manager David Peskin.

TWM CEO Steve Scott added, “When David sold the very first censored – mosaic titles direct from Japan back in the 90’s the pixelation was quite noticeable. Yet the product still sold incredibly well. With the advancement in technology now over fifteen years later, the mosaic is much more faint and lighter than it was back then. For many consumers that find what they can’t fully see, as being erotic. It is just noticeable enough.”

The Company plans to release the eighth Direct Japanese Imports title, Fucking My Brother In Law For My Son the middle of June.

For DVDVOD sales, Licensing and Broadcast inquiries both Domestic and Foreign, contact Dave at davep@thirdworldxxx.com

Preview Lesbian Milf’s #9



TWM Streets Young Wives Lesbo Club – 1st Direct Japanese Imports Lesbian Title

Chatsworth, CA – TWM has streeted the sixth DVD / VOD release from Direct Japanese Imports, Young Wives Lesbo Club.

“This is the first new release that is all Lesbian. Young sexy Japanese wives, engaging in erotic fantastical sapphism! The first scene has five beyond cute Japanese lesbians making out and fingering each other. In scene two four hot Asian girls first make out as a tease and then have all out lesbo sex with each other. Scene three has five more girls kissing and fondling which get’s you ready for the grand finale. In scene four the toys come out and a group of young Japanese lesbians go absolutely wild! The out the door numbers on this title have now more than tripled since the very first release. Every title has been re-ordering, and the VOD monthly numbers have also tripled from March to April.” said TWM Sales Manager David Peskin.

TWM CEO Steve Scott added, “Japanese lesbo’s are hot and rarely seen even within Japan! I am certain consumers will enjoy this Asian delicacy.”

A free preview of Young Wives Lesbo Club can be seen by visiting http://tinyurl.com/YoungWivesLesboClub-Preview

The Company plans to release the second lesbian title, Lesbian Milf #9 the last week of May.

For DVD – VOD sales, Licensing and Broadcast inquiries both Domestic and Foreign, contact Dave at davep@thirdworldxxx.com



Press Release: TWM Streets Trisexual Asylum #5 – 6 Scenes of Bisex

Chatsworth Ca: Third World Media has released the fifth title of the popular Bi-Sex series; Trisexual Asylum. Trisexual Asylum #5 will arrive in stores today; just in time to take home for Christmas and Hannukah.

Asylum is defined as; “an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance.”

“The storyline goes in TWM’s TriSexual Asylum, residents are in desperate need of “specialized” assistance; and everyone on this funny farm is more than willing to pitch in to help a fellow inmate out. There are no rules in this soiled Sanitarium; as boy on girl, girl on girl, and boy on boy sex is the norm. But dare to cross the angry Transsexual Administrator lady, and one will pay with their ass. There is nothing sacred about the events that happen behind the closed doors of this loony bin.” said TWM Sales Manager David Peskin.

Directed by Ed “Hot Mustard” Hunter, Trisexual Asylum #5 has 6 scenes; all of which have one guy, one girl and one Shemale. The cast includes Natalie Prado, Alana Moraes, Walkiria Drumond, Carol Martins, Gisely Don Von, Susy Ferrari, Sahakira Maia, Amanda Bourbom, Alana Mielle, Jade Nohanned, Amanda Vaz and Marilia Vaz.

For sales inquiries, contact Dave Peskin at davep@thirdworldxxx.com


Press Release – Third World Media Ships: Teen Japan #10

Chatsworth Ca: TWM has started shipping the tenth installment of the popular Asian series; Teen Japan. Teen Japan #10 subtitled “Suckee Fuckee Saipan” will arrive in stores Monday, September 1st.

Suckee Fuckee Saipan takes J-girls to an exotic place where they help us celebrate this series double digit release”. “There is outdoor sex, double cock sucks, group sex and an incredible 4-way lesbian group scene with stars Akubi, Yuma, Megu and Asami;” said Director Ed “Surfs Up” Hunter.

Sales Manager David Peskin added, “The series has had multiple award nominations for best ethnic themed series in the Asian genre. We are running a great sale on Teen Japan #1 thru #9 in association with this release. All of these little teen hotties also happen to have very hairy pussies. The content will soon be added as a bonus for our subscribers at our rapidly growing membership site Hairy In America. In addition, this is our first box cover that has our new TWM logo design celebrating the Companies upcoming 15 year anniversary”.

For sales inquiries, contact davep@thirdworldxxx.com





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